EDS Testing
Electro Dermal Screening

Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) is an FDA approved, all-natural, non-invasive and pro-active approach to health and wellness.
Based on Chinese medicinal practices and techniques, it is currently used by over 30,000 doctors and health professionals in the United States and around the world.

Electro Dermal Screening Test (EDS TESTING) or the electroacupuncture diagnostic method measures the skin's electrical activity at designated acupuncture points.
It tests environmental toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and food sensitivities.



EDS testing uses electromagnetic fields measuring electrical resistance along pathways of your body that are called meridians. It is a time-tested technology that allows us to measure and test the body and identify imbalances of your energy flow to specific glands, organs and systems. Thereby measuring the body's energy fields at pre-determined acupuncture or meridian points, making it possible to test for the energetic causes of physical health problems. While offering natural healing alternatives that can help men and women of all ages as well as children and even infants achieve optimal health.

*Please not that this service is intended to be a supplement to your personal health needs and not intended to replace any other medical treatment or previous diagnosis.



No there is no pain involved with testing. EDS is a pain free screening technique where the technician holds a brass rod in one hand while the EDS while also touching the tip of a brass probe on specific points on the client's other body.


Originally in the 1940's and 1950's using information he learned from studying some Chinese meridian systems, a German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll, discovered that there are specific points of the body on the hands and feet where the meridians ends are located. Using these specific "end points", he found it enabled him to measure skin resistance along these meridian energy pathways. This helped to facilitate him to perform sensitivity testing on patients and established a system of allergy testing that is painless and non-invasive. He also discovered that he could bring meridian points back into balance by using recommended nutritional remedies. Dr. Voll's work is the basis for the EDS testing that still is used by an estimated 25-30,000 doctors and natural practitioners in the US today as well as 1000s of other healthcare practitioners throughout the world.



Joint/Muscle Pain Management

Stress/ Anxiety/ Sleep Issues

Sugar & Carb Cravings

Focus & Attention Issues


Digestive & Stomach Issues

Intolerances (foods, inhalants, molds, pollen, etc.)

Infant/ Children's Health


Environmental Toxins (chemicals, metals, pesticides, herbicides)

Hormonal & Emotional Balance

Fine-tune supplemental needs (vitamins, etc.)

And many more!




Discovery System: Advanced ElectroDermal Screening

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